On the Anatomy of Thrift—videos by Farmrun

anatomy of thriftWe met Andrew Plotsky in a roundabout way—he made a short film about B. for diy.org. Naturally, when we heard he was coming up, we googled him up and watched a bunch of his stuff. I encourage you to do the same, and I encourage you to start with On the Anatomy of Thrift, Farmrun’s series about the philosophy behind Farmstead Meatsmith, a ‘personal abbatoir’ on Vashon Island. They are mesmerizing, inspiring, beautiful and challenging.


    • Thank you Tammi. Sigh, I have so many links I need to update–especially since The Archdruid Report closed down. I appreciate you sending this note.

  1. […] had eaten some very, very delicious bread, baked by Andrew Plotsky who made the very beautiful Anatomy of Thrift videos. Andrew said the book Tartine Bread was the oracle of wisdom, so I requested it from […]

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