Clarifying vegetable fermentation

In this article I will identify and clarify as much of this as I can: •Different goals of fermenting •Why use an airlock •Other gear suggestions •You can use any salt •Tap water is probably fine •Botulism is unheard of

How many species will that cost?

Where is the money for the Green New Deal, or the hydrogen highway, or total electrification going to come from? I am not talking about who we are going to tax. It is going to come from wealth, extracted from nature and worked by labour. It is going to come at the cost of at least 200 species per day, every day.

A strong and affordable backyard greenhouse

In the rainy fall weather of the Canadian Pacific southwest, plants like tomatoes and cucumbers can easily develop blights and mildews before the fruit is ripe. If you wander the back alleys of the once-Italian neighbourhood of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive,…

Kill the planet—recycle contact lenses

This is just a rant about total illiteracy of human behaviour, leading to literally the worst recycling expansion I have seen in my entire career.  A contact lens weighs about 25 milligrams, so an entire year’s supply of lenses is…