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rubenheadshot3Welcome to a Small and Delicious Life, where I clarify and archive my research, analysis and recipes.

I find my work largely falls into one of three categories, Sustainability, Behaviour Change, and the Small and Delicious Life. A minus B leaves us with C….

In a nutshell: my training in Industrial Design turned me off products and into a behaviour change specialist and sustainable systems consultant.

I have taught Sustainable Design at the Emily Carr University and consulted on future-proofed, locally resilient systems for the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Group and the Planning Department, as well as for BC Housing, Industry Canada and private sector clients.

My presentation, The Top Ten Myths of Behaviour Change opened the Recycling Council of BC’s 2011 conference. I have also blogged for TreeHugger.com and theTyee.ca

I won an award for Cradle-to-Cradle product design from the Cascadia Green Building Council, but am most proud of the 250% increase in recycling at an apartment building pilot project achieved while working at Metro Vancouver.

I am currently a consultant based in Victoria, BC. I am the Board Chair of City Green, a non-profit which offers home and building efficiency services. I divide my time between consulting, speaking, researching, and urban homesteading.

This year I have focused on learning new skills, and have made sauerkraut, picked 1000 pounds of apples from trees in our neighbourhood, made hard apple cider and started learning to prune fruit trees. My Brie suffered a tragic end, but my bacon was fantastic!

I am happy to give a presentation or prepare a white paper on behaviour change, sustainable systems, and garbage and recycling.

I have presented to:

  • The Recycling Council of BC
  • UBC Neighbourhood Association
  • BC Ministry of the Environment
  • The Invasive Species Council of BC
  • The Vancouver Foundation

and several other NGOs and businesses (my work for businesses tends to be for architecture and urban design projects, where I am most often the advocate for the human user. That’s right, the people. We almost forgot about them).

Contact me directly at: anderson (d  o t) ruben (a t) gmail (d o t) com



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